We’ve Collaborated with Cisco to Launch Three Flow Apps for Cisco DNA Spaces

Working with Cisco, we’re launching three of our Flow applications on Cisco DNA Spaces App Center.

We are excited to announce we are collaborating with Cisco to launch three of our enterprise-grade Aislelabs Flow applications on Cisco DNA Spaces App Center. With no additional configuration, the Aislelabs cloud-based apps can be deployed within minutes, directly integrating with Cisco DNA Spaces.

Customer and guest behaviour are very difficult to gauge in a real-world setting such as inside a building, airport, or shopping centre. Cisco DNA Spaces uses data from a customers’ wireless to provide location analytics on how people and things move around in their facilities. Using our Flow platform, you will be able to visualize Cisco DNA Spaces data within the Aislelabs solution. This allows you to go beyond wireless connectivity, revealing insights and visibility of their customers or visitors.

Aislelabs Flow for Airports & Transportation

Flow for airports and transportation creates passenger journeys, walking paths, heatmaps, and completes the conversion funnel. Flow generates 140-plus reports with hundreds of important transportation and airport metrics such as departing and arriving passengers, security, immigration, flight, and train schedules. Deep learning anticipates events, discovers inefficiencies, and helps businesses understand the end-to-end passenger journey.

Aislelabs Flow for Malls & Retail

Visualize first time versus repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heatmaps, and the complete conversion funnel in shopping centres and for retail. Analyze everything from a small retail space inside a single property to comparing hundreds of properties, simultaneously.

Aislelabs Flow for Venues & Hospitality

Understand customer behaviour and track key objectives through wireless infrastructure in a venue or for hospitality. Set and compare the performance of offline campaigns at venues, monitor in real-time, or inspect historical data going back years at a time. Flow’s advanced calibration, noise filtering, and zoning capabilities allow businesses to slice-and-dice metrics at a granular level.

Aislelabs has been a trusted Cisco solutions partner, successfully deploying turn-key software solutions on Cisco infrastructure. This partnership allows greater collaboration between us to provide our clients in retail, transportation, large venues, and hospitality access to the insights and trends of guests within your spaces.

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