How Venues and Malls Can Assure Occupancy

People counting is going to be a major hurdle for large retailers like department stores and shopping centres. In order for them to open, they’ll have to maintain strict occupancy control while also allowing as many visitors into the premises as is considered safe by government officials and health agencies.

Maintaining social distancing in businesses requires a data driven means of maintaining occupancy thresholds and is synchronized across all devices. The dashboard on the Aislelabs platform allows all stakeholders to monitor the real-time occupancy of the location and make data-driven operational decisions.

Aislelabs uses your existing WiFi infrastructure to anonymously triangulate mobile device position in a physical space without requiring shoppers to sign into the WiFi or download an app. This automatically provides accurate counts of current shoppers in real time at each location and across an entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard.

Automated Occupancy Counters

Each security guard as well as the dashboard will have the current occupancy tally of a location, the entire system is easily examined in real time. Aislelabs also tracks and timestamps the mobile click for each customer entrance and exit to ensure the entire system is auditable by stakeholders and management alike.

The benefit of using as many entrances as possible means that the distribution of line-ups to enter a space would better spread out. Many short lines instead of a single long line helps promote social distancing even outside a physical location.

Role Based Access Controls

The occupancy dashboards and databases are shareable through privacy-focused access controls allowing you to communicate with stakeholders and regulatory authorities without sharing sensitive information. These features can be used in communication with guards via mobile portal about the current occupancy in the building, customers via your website and regulatory bodies in the event of an audit.

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