How Restaurants Can Thrive During COVID-19

Transform your simple guest WiFi service into a powerful marketing platform to not only increase revenue and branding opportunities but also to combat COVID-19 disruption. We’ve highlighted the benefits of transforming WiFi into a marketing platform here, here and here (among others). This post highlights how the Aislelabs solution integrates with your existing WiFi infrastructure and provides multiple use cases that can allow your restaurant to safely reopen during the pandemic.

Occupancy signalling

Real-time occupancy can be used to inform your customers of the best times and locations to visit. Leveraging our APIs, notifications can be delivered to websites or mobile apps to inform customers when the occupancy is low, moderate, or high. Customers can plan their visits according to occupancy and you can provide alternative locations for them to visit from your portfolio. No one enjoys having to go for a meal only to find they have to wait in line. By providing a service like this, customers will know exactly what they’ll encounter when going to one of your properties rather than rolling the dice. When presented with the choice between one of your properties that publicly displays occupancy and a competitor who doesn’t, the choice becomes clear.

Integrations for your workflows and regulatory audit

The Aislelabs platform integrates natively with your existing CRM tools and improves reporting immediately, letting you build a complete picture of your efforts to limit COVID-19 disruption. Aislelabs’ agile databases merge with existing datasets and are scalable to your needs with no coding required and can be easily included into your workflows. Your database is easily shared to all stakeholders, from management to regulatory authorities, through powerful, rule-based access controls with granular privacy controls.

Contact tracing

The Aislelabs solution can also be utilized as an end-to-end exposure notification solution and help regulatory authorities with contact tracing. Customers and employees do not need to download mobile applications in order to participate, eliminating barriers to adoption.
If one customer or employee is infected, the solution automatically notifies other people that have been in close proximity with the infected person for a certain, customizable duration, as well as designated stakeholders. Based on that, suitable precautionary measures can be taken swiftly and effectively. The solution provides an internal corporate system by which employers’ human resource department can ensure the safety of their employees and minimize health risk in an effective manner.

Smart Sanitization

The Smart Sanitization platform ensures large spaces meet rigorous mandated government and health agency requirements for sanitization. The platform automatically lists spaces that require sanitization, based on customizable occupancy/dwell time history, allowing you to deploy operations teams to maximum effect. Dwell time, heatmaps and footfall metrics for each zone are used to inform operations teams of sanitization requirements. Real-time metrics as well as historical occupancy can be used to schedule sanitization. All zones that have a high degree of cross-exposure are appropriately flagged with the exposure levels.

Contactless menus

Leverage your guest WiFi to provide customers with a safe, efficient option of viewing menus. Regulation dictates that customers shouldn’t share physical menus that might pose a risk vector. The WiFi can be used to guide customers to a captive portal that displays your menu without the need for sharing menus. It also gives you the option to grow your CRM by collecting email addresses.

Aislelabs leverages your existing WiFi infrastructure, meaning that no capital expense is required and no new hardware needs to be installed in any building across a portfolio of restaurants. The entire platform can be deployed remotely and within a short timeframe, to let your business reopen safely in the age of COVID-19 and ensure that your business is compliant with all regulatory requirements.

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