Video: Bridge eCommerce with Brick and Mortar for 360 Customer Views

Aislelabs has already announced integration with Shopify to create one of the most robust Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for retailers, malls, venues and other brick and mortar enterprises in the market. This allows businesses to unify all elements of customer intelligence, marketing, and engagement into a single platform, regardless of whether a customer opts in online or at a physical space. Aislelabs also now integrates with other platforms like Magento, Lightspeed, Salesforce, and others along with Shopify.

To get a better understanding at the raw power a unified online and offline solution provides brick and mortar businesses, we’ve put together a new video that covers how both eCommerce and real world shopping work hand in hand. Watch the full length video below:

This video describe how eCommerce solutions automatically send customer profile and transaction information to Aislelabs’ CDP, merging it with existing profile collected from offline touchpoints or creating a new profile. Business marketing teams will see a single, consolidated customer profile filled with demographic, psychographic, and contact information.

By integrating both online and offline data touchpoints, retailers can now avoid customer data silos and create a single universal CDP of all shoppers. First party data collected from customers visiting physical stores are unified with online visits, in a privacy respecting manner, to enable a complete 360 degree view of the customer. This allows businesses to run personalized campaigns to retarget shoppers with pin-point accuracy and increase sales by analyzing data received through digital commerce and store visits alike.

Get a deeper understanding of customers and learn which shop exclusively online, which visit just a physical store, and which shoppers buy both online and offline to personalize marketing efforts and cross promote. Aislelabs can calculate and attribute the ROI of both online purchases and in-store visits to give a true insight of a business’ marketing effectiveness.

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