October 2020 Product Updates

Halloween is just around the corner and we hope you’ll have a spooky good time. We at Aislelabs have been adding more upgrades and enhancements to our platform that are all treats with nary a trick in sight. Here’s what we’ve been scaring up for the month of October:

Added Ability to Customize Site Dwell Buckets

The Site Dwell Breakdown chart on the Historical Report page can now be customized to display the dwell time distribution with more granularity. This allows our clients across different verticals to define key dwell intervals which are important to them for more personalized reports. Speak with your CSM to learn more and have this chart customized for your site.

Customize Your Occupancy Email Alerts

You can now fully customize the body of your Occupancy Email Alerts. This provides you with more control over what can be included within the email like the description, resolution steps, threshold, site name, time, and counts. By adding this flexibility, multiple emails can be triggered simultaneously to different audiences to provide everyone with important and relevant information. For example, property security would be informed in their email of what steps to take if a certain area has too many people while property management would be informed in their email of real-time occupancy across multiple properties.

Embed Real-time Occupancy in Your Mobile App

Easily embed our Mobile Occupancy page into your mobile app with our new iframe option. The iframe option requires no additional programming changes to setup, providing an easy and seamless way to view your real-time occupancy data on any platform or app. By displaying your property’s real-time occupancy in your app, you can increase awareness and promote social distancing when needed. This information is also available on the Aislelabs dashboard and through our API.

Entry and Exit Graph Added to Smart Counter

Our Smart Counter page now includes entry and exit metrics data in addition to total count. This allows you to understand how many people are coming to or leaving your property during a period of time. All these metrics are displayed within a single chart providing you with a complete snapshot of your property.

Configure Your Portal Editor with Custom Fonts

We have made it easier for you to use custom fonts within your Portal Editor. This allows you to further customize your guest WiFi user experience, and display exactly what you would like your guests to see upon arrival. Once a custom font has been uploaded into your Portal Editor, you can use the dropdown menu and change how the text is displayed.

New Pre-built Email Templates

We have added three new pre-built email templates for you to easily configure your Welcome, Birthday, and Smart Review email campaigns. These three newly added templates were designed with simplicity in mind to allow you to send out beautiful email campaigns easily within the Aislelabs platform. Head over to the platform to get started on your next campaign!

Other Enhancements

  • Added numerous options to the Portal Editor allowing more robust user journey creation.
  • Improved load time of the Smart Counter page.
  • Enhanced paid WiFi notification and user journey.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect values displayed on the Space Report page.
  • User lists created on the Connect Report page now match the number of unique devices shown.
  • Resolved issue with the back button on Portal T&C page incorrectly redirecting.

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