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How to Achieve 100% User Growth and 15x ROI: A Pizza Nova Use Case

Aislelabs has put together a new case study based on their client Pizza Nova who achieved impressive results. We are pleased to announce that we have released a new case study focusing on Pizza Nova. The Canadian pizza chain was …

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors!

Toronto-based Aislelabs would like to congratulate the Raptors for their NBA championship win! We at Aislelabs have called Toronto home since we were founded, watching the Raptors as they poured blood, sweat, and tears into reaching the finals. In 2019, …

Customer Paths and Retail Store Layout — Part 11

This is the final part in our long customer path and retail store layout series! We’ve covered quite a lot from consumer behaviour to types of layouts in that time. Up to this point, we’ve covered all of the major …

Customer Paths and Retail Store Layout — Part 10

How do you create the right atmosphere for your customers? In this next part of our customer paths and retail store layout series, we’ll explore why atmosphere is a key component. Up to now we’ve been diving deeper into customer …

Customer Paths and Retail Store Layout — Part 9

We’ve touched on signage and displays from time to time in this series but now we’ll explore strategies for how to use them in a bit more depth. Because your display, fixture, and signage strategies all depend on store layout, …

Customer Paths and Retail Store Layout — Part 8

In this part of our customer paths and retail store layout series, we’ll continue with strategies that go beyond the retail store layout. Some of these following tips might be irrelevant to your space. For instance, we cover dressing rooms which …

WiFi Customer Acquisition Cost for Clothing Chains

How much does it cost to acquire a customer using our WiFi marketing platform Aislelabs Connect? We explore the customer acquisition cost along with the return on investment over a five year period with this use case for clothing retailers. …

Passenger Terminal Expo in London Is Live! Come Visit Aislelabs!

The 25th Passenger Terminal Expo has opened today in London and you can visit Aislelabs on the ground floor! PTE is scheduled to run for the next three days until March 28th and you have a chance to speak with …

Retail Marketing: Reimagined

The fourth industrial revolution is here, and we have started seeing its impacts across all industries. New digital channels are shaking up the retail environment and displacing the old structures and processes in retail. Currently, external information (i.e. demographics, social …

Aislelabs Announces Euclid Analytics Migration Program

We now offer Euclid customers looking to protect their WiFi Marketing and Location Analytics assets with a new transition program. We are pleased to announce a new migration program to our Connect and Flow platforms from the Euclid ecosystem. Aislelabs, …

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